Working with Vondelgym we've helped the Amsterdam based gym concept with setting up their audio branding by connecting them to Kevas/Khoya Records. The result is an audio brand that connects Vondelgym's urban lifestyle brand with a modern soundtrack.


Muziekthuisbezorgd combines the joy of cooking and live music all from the comfort of your home. The chef puts together a menu and the ingredients get delivered to your home. During the interactive livestream the chef walks you through all the steps to cook the perfect restaurant quality meal, including musical live performances in between courses. Cook together, eat together.

Dox Academy

Dox Academy is a 1 to 3 years program for musicians, singers, mc’s, composers, deejays and producers.

It's our aim to guide talents to building their professional careers based on creating intellectual property. Founded on the principals of competence based learning, the program shows an emphasis on practical training. All lessons and projects are taught within the context of the career of a student. In other words, the individual path of a student forms the basis of the program. It’s our effort not to teach them other things then usual, but to teach them the right things at the right time.


During this monthly digital festival audiences from all over the world visit several stages in one night. Thuispop facilitates interactions between fans and artists and amongst the visitors themselves. Artists hear the applause and see the people react to their performance. All of this combined makes Thuispop a realistic digital approach to live concerts.

Red Bull Soundclash

We help brands bring their personality to life through buzzworthy tailormade music concepts.

For Red Bull we developed Red Bull Soundclash, a battle of the bands. In a battle of four rounds two bands challenge each other with surprising adaptations of their own and other hits. After each round the audience’s applause determines the winner. Like the Red Bull brand the bands go beyond the ordinary, taking risks and exploring their boundaries.


Brand ambassadors help give brands credibility and authenticity. They enable brands to interact with a (new) target audience in a meaningful way.

For the Affligem beer brand we created a partnership with Dutch celebrity saxophone player Benjamin Herman, head of the renowned New Cool Collective. Benjamin is the lead ‘Affligem Knight’ for its ‘Sound’ network within its Affligem Society, a members-only group of forward thinking multi-talented individuals sharing a passion for creativity, work and comradery.


In order to stand out brands need appealing original music for their communications, varying from TV/radio/online commercials to events, social media and PR.

For Mercedes we successfully pitched 'I Don't Wanna' by indie rockband PEER to be used in its new international Mercedes-AMG online commercial featuring Lewis Hamilton.


For Citroen we developed ‘Don't Sing’, written by Benny Sings, co-written with the famous French producer Data, to be used in all brand communication for a pan-European advertising campaign. The song won many prizes and the videoclip had an impressive 5 million views.

Gigs @ The Office

Our strong name in the music industry enables our easy access to music icons that can help brands create a unique activation.

For the Volkskrant newspaper we livened up their Friday afternoon drinks with an office concert of New Cool Collective. This was successfully streamed and shared on social media, besides offering the employees an unforgettable music experience.